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accident repairs

Accident Repairs

You’ll be surprised at just how much body damage our technicians can put right.

At Dale & Co, we can repair most metalwork or plastic on your vehicle as long as the damage hasn’t affected the vehicle mechanically or compromised the chassis or framework (dents are fine, crumpled rears not so much!).

If your vehicle was stationary or moving at very low speeds when it incurred the damage, there is a good chance we’ll be able to find the bodywork.

So whether you’ve been struck by another vehicle, or hit an inanimate object, we’d sure be able to bring your car back to life!.

The repair shop’s responsibility

skilled and professional manner

Making repairs in a careful, skilled and professional manner

standart skills and knowledge

Demonstrating the standard skills and knowledge expected of mechanics in the field of vehicle repair

inspecting the vehicle

Inspecting and test driving your vehicle to make sure it is safe for uses

performing only necessary repairs

Refraining from performing unnecessary repairs

Because these cases can be complex, it is smart to contact Dale & Co who has experience with auto repair cases.

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