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minor to full resprays service

Minor to Full Resprays

If you are a car whizz and have dedicated significant amounts of time to learning how to respray a car, you have a good space to work, the right equipment and safety gear, it may be that you are ready to take on the work yourself.

If you are like the rest of the people reading this article, it’s best to leave paint jobs to the professionals.

Health and safety – there are serious, poisonous chemicals in car paint which are very hazardous as airborne paint particles

Environmental protection – responsible paint use and disposal

There are at least 8 steps the technician needs to go through.

choose paint colour

Choosing the right paint colour (sounds basic but it’s so important)

strip the original colour

Stripping the original colour

etch priming

Etch priming and priming

sandpaper rubbing down

Rubbing down (with fine sandpaper)

top coat

Top coat and lacquer

rubbing down

Rubbing down





These can be broken down – some garages claim up to 125 different steps to respraying a car! But the above are the essentials.

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